Oversize and Overweight Permits

What types of Oversize/overweight permits are there?

  • Superload Permit: is an oversize/overweight permit with dimensions that exceed a standard issue permit. They vary by state and additional information may be needed when requesting a superload permit such as a route survey, insurance, or drawings.
  • Self-Propelled Permits: is an oversize/overweight permit specific to the movement of a vehicle operating under its own power. (Cranes, drill-rigs, etc.) Addition information varies by state which could involve drawings and more extensive axle information
  • Mobile Home Permits: is an oversize permit specific to the movement of a mobile home or office when exceeding legal dimensions. Specific mobile home information (year, make, plate and serial num
  • ber) may be required.
  • County/City Permits: is an oversize/overweight permit issued by a county/city/township that grants travel on roads not under a state’s jurisdiction.
  • Turnpike Permits: Is an oversize/overweight permit issued for travel on a turnpike that is not consider under the jurisdiction of the state.