Spring is well on it’s way. As a result states are starting to implement their spring weight restrictions for oversize & overweight loads. Don’t be caught off guard. Contact us here at Highway Permits for up to date spring weight restrictions.  Most northern states in the United States implements weight restrictions when the weather starts to warm up & thaw the frozen ground. During this time the roads are very susceptible to damage from excess weight traveling on them due to the instability of the soft ground. So to prevent damage to the roads the states will not let overweight and certain oversize loads to move during this time. Carriers cannot gross over 80,000 pounds or be overweight on anyone axle. If they are the states will not issue a permit at this time and if the carrier is already moving in the state, they could be shut down, fined or both.

Carriers can still get temporary trip permits & fuel permits as well as oversize permits as long as they are within the restrictions guidelines for the state in which they are traveling. Should you have any questions or concerns in regard to permitting, please, do not hesitate to contact us at https://highway-permits.com/contact-info-request/.

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